Tea: Banff Tea Company

21 Jul

I’ve talked a lot about the Banff Tea Company in the past few months I’ve been writing for Happy Sushi Belly, but only last weekend, while Connie and I were on a road trip, did I finally get there with my camera so I could bring you some photos…

Beautiful blooming tea

After we finished sushi, we headed to the tea shop, but the store clerk (and owner I believe) had popped across the street to grab her lunch, so, while every other time I’ve been busy shopping – this time we had the chance to stand outside so I could take some photos.  The first (above) is a gorgeous glass tea pot with a blooming tea inside.  Of course – the rest of the shop is behind.  The black shelves to the right are all the tins, the middle is where the tea is packaged, and to the left you can just see the till.

Amazingly beautiful blue dragonfly tea set

The shop also has a wide range of accessories – I was thrilled with the beauty of this blue dragonfly glass tea set – pots, cups, saucers, etc… it makes me re-think the whole notion of “collecting” things – I could totally see collecting tea pots if they were all this pretty!  (Sorry it’s a bad focal-length photo..)

Looking into the shop

One last photo – this time showing more cute accessories…

So, I’ve blogged about the Banff Tea Company and their products a few times before (just follow the Banff Tea but if you are interested in reading another blog post, check out It’s All About The Leaf.

As for what teas I bought.. I picked up more Lady Hannah’s Whole Fruit (a great fruit tea), more Jazz Cat’s Meow (a cream of Earl Grey with chocolate), and then a new one called Banff Trail Mix.  I’ll definitely be blogging about them soon!

So, have pictures made you want to check out the Banff Tea Company too?  Have you been there? Add your rants, raves (mostly raves!) in the comments below!

Banff Tea Co.
208 Caribou Street,
Banff, AB
T1L 1C3


Banff Tea Co. on Urbanspoon


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