Sushi : Sushi Bistro in Banff

19 Jul

Special Scallop (with Ikura behind it)

Last weekend, Connie and I took a road trip, and one of the places we stopped was Sushi Bistro in Banff on Friday afternoon.  Honestly, our first choice in Banff was Miki, a Japanese Restaurant attached to the Inns of Banff on Banff Avenue.  They do a really nice all-you-can-eat, and the service is really good.  Their downside – every time we’ve wanted to go there recently, they’ve been closed.  They only open for dinner which is a shame!

Ok… back to Sushi Bistro.

We’ve gone past Sushi Bistro a few times (it’s across the hallway from our favorite tea place) but we’ve never gone in.  Last Friday we stopped in, and had an acceptable, but not wonderful sushi experience.

Sushi Bistro Gyoza

We started with the Gyoza (dumplings) which were, in a word, disappointing.  They were only boiled (or steamed?), not also fried on one side, and the result was a dumpling that was too soft – the dough was somewhat cake-like and the filling lacked flavour.

Tuna Sashimi order

Next up, sashimi!  I placed an order for tuna, while Connie picked salmon.  Each order was only $6, which seemed great – except the slices were extremely thin.

Salmon Sashimi order

We were somewhat disappointed with the sashimi as well – although the price was good, it was hard to enjoy the flavor with such small servings.  (Compared to what we are used to or what the menu picture would imply.)


Next up, our sushi!  I had 2 flying fish roe battleship-style sushi pieces, 2 special scallop battleship-style sushi pieces, and 2 salmon egg battleship-style sushi pieces – the Sushi Bistro serves everything in pairs – which is good for me, since usually I order pairs anyways – but would be annoying if you don’t.

Mackerel (?) with scallop behind it

Connie ordered a spicy roll, scallop sushi pieces, and mackerel (I think..).

I found that the flavor of all three of my pieces was good, but compared to some of the other places I normally visit, the pieces were fairly small.

Sushi Bistro menu page

To compensate for the small pieces, the prices are pretty good.

Sushi Bistro menu page

These are my photos, but UrbanSpoon also has photos of the menu loaded up.

Sushi Bistro price list

Here’s a photo of the list, with all of the prices.  Keep in mind, that for most, the price is for a pair.

The restaurant is nicely decorated, though not entirely wheelchair-friendly – the bathrooms are downstairs.  The service was incredibly slow though, and not particularly courteous. The food was fairly slow coming out to begin with, and when we came in there was no one near the door, so we ended up calling out for the waitress/hostess to come and realize we were there.  I had thought about ordering another order of special scallop at the end of my meal, but I couldn’t get our waitress’ attention, and realized that if I did place the order, it might also take a long time to arrive.  The waitress was willing to split our bill, but split it in half, rather than splitting it based on what we ordered.  (Since what we ordered was pretty much the same in price, it didn’t matter, but be forewarned if you happen to go with someone who eats way more expensive sushi than you do!).

So, while the location is great, the environment is nice, and the food tasted good; I think that Miki will remain top of my list for sushi while in Banff.  If you want to read about another blogger who visited Sushi Bistro (a week before we did!) check out Justin & Jackie!

Have you been to Sushi Bistro?  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below!

Sushi Bistro
208 Caribou Street,
Banff, AB
(403) 762-4000 ‎
Sushi Bistro on Urbanspoon

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