Sushi: Co-Op to-go

18 Jul

I’ve mentioned that when looking for ‘fast food’  or take out sushi, that Co-op is actually not too bad.  I was there a few days ago grabbing a quick dinner (I wasn’t in the mood to cook), and thought I’d share what we had.

First up – Salmon nigiri-style sushi with a salmon and avocado roll.

The salmon was good, but not especially flavorful.  Still, better than a lot of other fast-food sushi!


Next up, a rainbow roll, also served with a salmon and avocado roll.

Rainbow Roll

Rainbow Roll

The Rainbow roll was ok – but it was a bit too large.  I don’t love those large rolls, because I find them hard to eat!

Rainbow Roll

Rainbow Roll

But it certainly was pretty!

Salmon/Avocado roll

Salmon/Avacado roll

And the smaller roll was shaped like a flower!

Have you tried out some of the to-go sushi from Co-op yet?  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below!

This time around I shopped at the Co-Op on Richmond Road SW, though there are Co-op stores all over Calgary, and I’ve bought sushi from the downtown location and MacLeod Trail locations too.


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