Tea: Forever Nuts

17 Jul

If you miss out on carnival/festival season (or just can’t imagine going down to battle the crowds) Forever Nuts from David’s Tea is like a carnival in a mug!

The David’s Tea website describes the tea as a “tempting jumble of almond slices and chunks, apple bits and cinnamon bark” along with a hint of beetroot, resulting in a bright pink tea that is “deliciously nutty, decidedly addictive”.

Forever Nuts from David's Tea

The dry tea smells amazing, nutty and spicy and sweet – the clerk at the West Edmonton Mall store location said that it reminded her of those little doughnuts you get at carnivals, and I totally agreed.  When steeped, it smells just as good, and with a pinch of sweetener, I found it tasted a lot like those mini doughnuts too.  Plus, with the pink (just like cotton candy!) colour, it’s like visiting the carnival without the crowds.  Yum!

This tea is SO pink!

I steeped it on the shorter side of the recommended 4-7 minutes, but I think that I’ll try it again on the longer side.  I made up two infusions, and both had good taste, scent, and colour.  On the third and fourth infusion the colour remained pretty strong, but the nutty flavour faded, and the tea tasted more of apple cider.  It’s really smooth and easy to drink – I could drink more and more and more!  Mum had her cup without sugar (as she usually does) and I had mine with (as I usually do) and it was good both ways – though I think that the sweetness of the tea is enhanced with some sweetener.  I bet with the almond flavors, that honey would work even better to accent the flavors.

As an aside, I also made up this tea and iced it, and I think it gets even sweeter when it’s cold!  It would be a VERY cute tea for a little girly-girl’s tea party… (presuming the little girl wouldn’t dribble it on herself… I bet the beet would stain…)

Want to read a few other bloggers reviews (all positive!) of Forever Nuts?  Check out Real Health & Fitness or Tea &  Talk‘s reviews as well!  (The Tea & Talk author also took a look at two other teas I really want to try from David’s Tea too -maybe I’ll just have to make a trip out to the Calgary location sometime soon after all!)

Have you tried Forever Nuts yet?  What did you think?  Let me know in the comments below!

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