The adventures of an incredibly lazy tea drinker

16 Jul

For my birthday, a friend gave me a jar of Ten Ren’s premium grade Pearl Jasmine Green Tea, but I’ve been drinking it in a perhaps unconventional (and by unconventional, I mean lazy) way…

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the most fond of green teas – I find them a bit too bitter generally speaking – to enjoy reliably.  (The Casablanca tea I blogged about not too long ago being one exception..)  However, the little tiny balls of green tea in the little glass jar smell so amazingly good, I really wanted to give these a try.  They have the slightly exotic grassy green tea scent, but with a lovely floral scent as well.  My friend suggested that for a cup of tea, to only use one pearl, and for a pot, two.

The Ten Ren website describes the tea as: “...Ten Ren’s Pearl Jasmine the tea leaves are scented seven or more times to give the tea that strong Jasmine aroma. The green tea that is used as the Pearl Jasmine’s base is a very high grade of young and tender green tea leaves grown in China.
After the tea has been scented, the leaves are hand rolled into pearl shaped balls which gives this tea its name. When steeped, these leaves unroll and produce a tea with a pronounced floral and fresh green tea scent, a full-bodied refreshing sweet taste, and a pleasing long lasting floral aftertaste. The hue of this tea is a light peach color.”

The pearls begin their journey....

For my lazy drinking though, I just drop the pearls into a glass of cold, filtered water (usually with a pinch of sweetener – it is still green tea, after all…) and watch them slowly unwind over the course of a day at work, as I regularly add more and more water.  It’s a great way to remind me to drink more water while I’m at work, and I don’t need to brew a pot of hot tea, steep it, then put it in the (crowded) employee fridge to chill for a refreshing glass of iced tea.  Plus, as the pearls unwind, they amuse my coworkers (and myself), as they speculate what is in the bottom of my cup!  Also, since the leaves are not cut, it’s easy to leave the leaves in the cup, and still avoid sipping them too.

Slowly unwinding

Cold, the flavor of the jasmine is light and fresh.  The green tea has a clean taste, and there’s a nice after taste, though much of the scent is lost.  I use two pearls for a glass of cold water, though I re-use them over and over.

However, I did try it hot as well, and while the green tea taste is more pronounced, the floral flavor is also enhanced, and it becomes a warmer, and more complex floral experience… I only use one pearl for a cup of hot tea, but mostly want to save them for drinking cold!

Unwound - I find this strangely pretty!

I did a blog search for Jasmine Green Tea Pearls, and my Google-Fu was weak and I didn’t find anything.  So, if you’ve tried them, let me know in the comments below.  Please don’t chastise me for being a lazy tea drinker though! 🙂

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