Tea: Herbal Chai

24 Jun

Silk Road's Herbal Chai tea

Doesn’t this herbal chai from Silk Road look fantastic?  Yes, I know, I know.. ANOTHER Silk Road tea – wonderful for me, not so good for anyone who isn’t planning a trip to Victoria…  but, I’m sure there are other local sources of something that looks, smells, and tastes as good as this one.

This tea is described as “a zippy, sweetly spicy & warming infusion” and contains ginger root, cinnamon bark, anise seed, cardamom, and allspice.  The tea looks gorgeous – full of big chunks of lovely things, and it smells spicy and wonderful, with a slight medicinal scent which caught me a bit off guard.

Silk Road's Herbal Chai tea

Brewed, the tea is very pale in colour, almost to the point of wanting to add more tea – but don’t – it’s just fine with the regular amount of tea!  I ‘dressed’ it with white sugar (I always use white sugar in chai.. I don’t know why…) and 2% milk.  YUM!  This is like the tea version of cinnamon hot chocolate.  It’s warming, soothing, and has just a generous zing to it to remind you that it’s a chai!

Herbal Chai with sugar and milk

The Silk Road website has a recipe for Chai Chocolate Truffles, and in their blog there’s a recipe for Chai French Toast featuring Chai tea syrup.  (Pst.. Yes, I know saying “Chai tea” is redundant… I’m just telling you what they call it.. 😉 )

Want another recipe using Herbal Chai?  How about one for a chai-spiced apple cider for the chilly months from Vancouver blogger The Bounty Hunter?

Do you have a favorite chai blend?  Share it in the comments below!

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One response to “Tea: Herbal Chai

  1. Melissa

    June 24, 2011 at 6:08 pm

    Great post. One of my favourite teas. Thanks for the link.


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