Tea: Imperial Green Tea Mandarins

15 Jun

So here’s a post that I’m writing and will use the ‘publish later’ feature of WordPress to publish!

While in Victoria, BC not too long ago, I mentioned that I stopped in Silk Road, a cute shop where I picked up some tea for myself, and one tea to give as a gift to my best tea-loving friend!  I thought I’d share the ‘before’ with you, and hopefully after I’ve given the tea as a gift, Connie can do her own review about how the tea tastes for Happy Sushi Belly too!

Tea stuffed mandarin oranges!

So these are Imperial Green Tea Mandarins – the Silk Road website describes them as: “Green Pu-erh tea is placed inside of a hollowed out mandarin orange. Next, the tea-stuffed mandarin is exposed to intense heat for a short period, so that the mandarin peel is completely dried and lightly charred. This unique drying process also causes the mandarin peel to impart a delightful, delicate flavour into the tea leaves”.  

Here’s hoping that Connie likes the tea!

I couldn’t find any other bloggers who have had the chance to review this tea, so if you’ve had the opportunity to try this one (or the Imperial Black Tea Mandarin, or the Imperial White Tea Mandarin which Silk Road also carries) please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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