Tea Party Tuesdays!

14 Jun

Our gorgeous apple trees are in blossom right now, and my backyard is filled with hot pink, pale pink, and white flowers.  Having recently come back from Vancouver Island, the flowers are a welcome sight, since there aren’t many others in bloom in our garden (tulips and hosta flowers are about it for the moment).

So, it’s time to get out and enjoy the garden and the flowers (under the patio when it’s raining!) for Tea Party Tuesdays!

Tea Party Tuesdays! Casablana tea & crabapple flowers

Ok.. I’ll fess up, I actually enjoyed this one out in the garden a few days ago, but “Tea Party Sundays” didn’t sound nearly as nice.  This is the Casablanca tea that I reviewed yesterday, served up hot with a little sugar in precious little china cups.

I used my Tuffy strainer, and found that some of the very small pieces of mint were able to escape through the holes.

Tea Party Tuesdays! Casablanca tea & unfurling ferns

Do you have any idea how hard it is to search blogs on “tea party” and not have it come up with USA political comments?  Instead, I found an adorable post about a tea party themed baby shower – how gorgeous are the flowers in this one!?

So… If I decide to do a few Tea Party Tuesdays, and invite friends to join me, what kind of menu do you think would be lovely to serve?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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