Tea: Casablanca

13 Jun

Silk Road's Casablanca tea

The scent of Casablanca tea from Silk Road  is a green tea with spearmint leaves, described as “a taste sensation of sweet spearmint and intense green tea”.  The ingredients are Chinese green tea and spearmint leaves, and it smells sweet and minty when dry.   I picked this tea up while in Victoria, at the Silk Road tea shop I reviewed earlier.

When hot and plain (I always end up calling this “undressed”…), this tea was good – the spearmint is the most dominant flavor, but the slight bitterness of the green tea follows the minty taste.  The green tea bitterness isn’t too strong though (coming from someone who isn’t really fond of green teas usually).  I added some sweetener, which improved it a bit.  I also only steeped it for 2 minutes, to try to avoid some of that bitterness that can come from over-steeping.

Iced and sweetened though – this tea is awesome!  The mint flavor and green tea flavor really seem to lend themselves well to being chilled, and the sweetener cuts the bitter flavor well.  The sales clerk at Silk Road suggested using Casablanca for the base of a mojito too – which sounds like an awesome hot-weather drink… I have some Casablanca sitting in my fridge right now waiting for me!

I’ll have some photos of the steeped tea soon… in an upcoming post!

The author of It’s A Smashing Life loves Casablanca tea – and has two recipes to share using the tea – one a lemonade, and the second an ‘adult’ lemonade using raspberry wine!

I wouldn’t have expected the green tea mixed with spearmint to be so good; what unexpected combinations do you like in your tea?  Let us know in the comments below!

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