Sushi:a new spin on masago

12 Jun

One of the great things about going somewhere outside of my own happy sushi zone is trying new things – on a recent visit to Nanaimo I visited a restaurant called the “Acme Food Company“.  The name alone might have kept me away, but I was glad I went!

First off, one of the reasons I chose Acme is because they have a very diverse (and not just Japanese) menu.  Being a sushi-lover with many friends (and in this case, a travel companion) who don’t all like sushi, often means foregoing my favorite meal – but restaurants like this are a nice way to keep everyone happy – providing they’re able to do all of the dishes well…. Acme serves up steak, pasta, cooked seafood, and a number of other dishes, and both of us were pleased with our meals – sushi for me, and cooked salmon for  my travel companion.

Acme didn’t have my very most favorite Ikura (Salmon roe) or special scallop sushi, so instead I tried out two of their rolls- the Rainbow roll (shrimp, scallops, avocado and mayonnaise topped with tuna, salmon, and masago) and the 420 roll (Ahi tuna, tempura papaya, cucumber, avocado, all rolled in hemp hearts).

The 420 roll was good, though I found the hemp hearts somewhat overwhelmed the flavor – they were very much like sesame seeds – which I often find a little overwhelming.  The rice was good though, and the filling in the roll was good.

The Rainbow roll was very good though – I definitly would recommend it. I don’t totally love shrimp – but the flavor wasn’t strong – and it mostly tasted like my beloved special scallop sushi – topped with lovely pieces of alternating tuna and salmon. The most interesting new thing about my meal though – the masago (smelt roe) on the Rainbow roll. While the orange, red, and black were all flavored as expected – the yellow and green had additional flavors introduced.  The green masago was wasabi (hot horseradish) flavored, while the yellow was a citrus flavor – very crisp and tasty!  Not only was it yummy to eat, but it was also incredibly pretty!

Such pretty sushi from the Acme Food Company!

I would definitely recommend checking out the Acme Food Company if you’re in Nanaimo – they’re located in a lovely downtown area of the town (city?) and my only complaint about the sushi was just the size of the rolls. They weren’t as large as the ones here in Calgary made by Towa, but still very large.  I find that when they’re really big, they’re harder to eat and still enjoy all of the flavors as they mingle together.  Having to take a roll apart in order to eat it kind of ruins the beauty of the combination to me.  These ones were not too large for me, but they were approaching that size limit, as I noticed a few customers at a nearby table were having some problems with the size of the rolls they ordered.

On the other hand, Anthony with the Handsome Burger blog wasn’t nearly as impressed when he had a burger from Acme in October in 2010.

Have you been to Acme Food Company in Nanaimo?  What sushi rolls do you like best from there?  Let me know in the comments below!

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