Tea: Velvet Potion

10 Jun

Silk Road's Velvet Potion tea

With such a fantastic name, I had been expecting a lot more out of this tea.  From the Silk Road tea shop in Victoria, BC, this tea is described as “luscious chocolate mingles with alluring notes of vanilla, hints of black spice and mellow black tea”.  The ingredients include black tea, raw cacao, vanilla beans, along with spices.  This was a pleasant tea, there’s certainly nothing wrong with it, and it smells nice – but the chocolate flavor is very weak compared to some of the other chocolate teas that I’ve had the chance to try lately.  The tea is mild, with a gentle chocolate flavor along with the flavor of black tea.  I didn’t specifically pick out the taste of vanilla or other spices, though so often chocolate includes vanilla, so it’s not surprising that I might miss picking it out.

Velvet Potion

So, I wasn’t too impressed with Velvet Potion (except for the name!) but I went looking for other bloggers that might feel differently.  Alison posted in her Hospitality Haven blog that Velvet Potion is one of her favorites, and she used it to make some delicious-looking muffins (and included the recipe).  That might be an interesting way to use the tea, though the Silk Road website also has some recipes to try – including tea-infused spirits, a drink called Velvet Cream Potion using the tea and egg nog (which sounds awesome – I’ll have to remeber to try it next winter when egg nog is available again!).  Marianne also purchased Velvet Potion and blogged about it in French Fries to Flax Seeds.  Heed the Hedonistalso writes about Velvet Potion along with a few other teas from a tea tasting.

Velvet Potion

This tea has such a great name – what’s your favorite tea that has an awesome name to match?  Let us know in the comments below!

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