Tea: Silk Road in Victoria, BC

07 Jun

Silk Road by Miss604 on Flickr

I recently visited Silk Road tea shop in Victoria, BC, and thought that I would share with you some of my impressions of the shop.  The shop is downtown, near the Chinatown area, and from the outside looks clean and inviting.  The company has a spa on one side (where you enter and pay for any purchases) with body/skin care products and aromatherapy.  There are also spa services available (apparently downstairs, I wasn’t looking for it while I was there) but the other side of the store was what I was interested in – the tea shop!

When we entered the shop, on the spa side we were offered a sample of hot tea, while on the tea side they were offering iced tea to sample.  There is a small bar area with a small menu of to-go teas to drink, a few displays of teapots, and other accessories, and then a wall full of shelves of tea.  Each of the teas is stored in large jars, and there are small vials to smell the teas themselves – getting the teas is self-serve, choosing the tin size you want, filling it, and labeling it with the available labels.  (When you check out, they also have steeping suggestion labels if you’re interested.)

Photo of the tea bar by Miss 604 on Flickr

I ‘sniffed’ a number of different teas, and although I felt in the mood for an Earl Grey, I ended up picking up a green tea instead (but not their Earl Grey Green), and a gift for a tea-loving friend, while my travel companion picked up FOUR different teas and a new strainer (which should work better for rooibos tea than the Tuffy strainer I blogged about earlier).

I was also super thirsty, but wanted an iced tea instead of a hot tea – they weren’t really set up for making iced teas other than the one they were sampling, so I got a small to-go cup of the sampling tea which was mixed with lemonade (yummy!).  (I think it might have been Seamist, but I’m forgetful!) There were a number of different tea-related recipes in the store, and their website has lots more as well – most are beverages, but the tea popsicles looked yummy too – maybe a great option for the upcoming summer?  If you’re interested in trying out some of the recipes, you can find them on their website, or on the Silk Road blog.

The lines of tea tins by Miss 604 on Flickr

I didn’t end up taking ANY photos within Silk Road (I was really thirsty, my hands were full, and there were so many other places to visit!) so I’ve used three photos from Miss 604’s Flickr album – you can check out the original photo in her Flickr stream by clicking any of the photos, or visit her blog at Miss 604!

If you’re in Victoria you can visit Silk Road at:
1624 Government St
Victoria, BC  V8W 1Z3
Tel: 250 704 2688
Fax: 250 382 0001

In the meantime, Wanderlust and Words also visited Silk Road, Jacqueline visited and wrote about Silk Road in Heed the Hedonist, and Rebecca (Miss 604)blogged about Silk Road as well with lots of great photos!  More great photos are on Keira-Anne’s Vancouver Island blog too!

I’ll have reviews of some more of the teas from Silk Road soon – which teas would you want to try from there?  Let me know in the comments below!

Silk Road on Urbanspoon


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4 responses to “Tea: Silk Road in Victoria, BC

  1. miss604

    June 8, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    Thanks for using/crediting my photos!

    • Dawn

      June 8, 2011 at 1:45 pm

      And thank YOU for making them available through the creative commons on Flickr!!!


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