Tea: Philosopher’s Brew

05 Jun

A few days ago I was in Victoria, BC, and I stopped into a gorgeous tea shop called Silk Road located right next to Victoria’s Chinatown area.  I picked up a few things, and for breakfast the next morning in the hotel, enjoyed a cup of Philosopher’s Brew – which is a tea described as “a luscious, lemony cup of tea with a bright golden hue”.  This is a herbal tea, and contains lemongrass, citrus peel, rosehips, and lavender blossoms.

Philosopher's Tea from Silk Road

The tea smells very lemony dry, and actually with a very short steep is a nice lemony-yellow colour.  Unfortunately I left it in a bit longer, and it steeps further to a deep green – which was kind of funny to look at.  Of course, between the bad sleep the night before, horrible lighting, and… well, not having my morning tea yet(!) means that the photo was terrible… but you can see the difference between a few minutes of steeping and a few minutes more in colour intensity if nothing else.  When I get home again, I’ll need to steep this up in a clear glass instead and take a new photo.

So… taste.  Well, lemongrass.  There didn’t seem to be a number of other flavors involved in this one, or at least, not that I could detect while still trying to wake up.  (I won’t write about the hotel itself, only to say that I don’t want to stay there again!)  The tea was nice, but it didn’t overwhelm me unfortunately.  I think it might be delicious made up iced though… with that lemony taste, I bet it will be a neat not-quite-lemonade-not-quite-iced-tea drink!

Have you been to Silk Road before?  What teas from there would you suggest for the next time I return to Victoria?

Want another blogger’s review?  Check out Everything Is Better In Heels – which includes a recipe for Philosopher’s Sangria using this tea!

If you’re in Victoria yourself, check out Silk Road at:
1624 Government St
Victoria, BC  V8W 1Z3
Tel: 250 704 2688
Fax: 250 382 0001

Silk Road's Philosopher's Brew tea - I took this photo a few days later.

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