Enjoying ‘Sum-m’ Gyoza

26 May

While at Co-op not too long ago, I picked up a package of gyoza in the deli freezer.  Connie has a great source for grocery-store gyoza, but I can’t find it here in Calgary (so far!) and I’ve tried another version that isn’t very good, so I was crossing my fingers this would be a good alternative.

Tasty gyoza dinner!

They turned out to be really tasty – although I think that I added a bit too much water – a bit less next time and I bet they’ll be perfect.  The filling has a nice flavor – though these ones were pork, and I know that not everyone likes pork.   The sauce is good too – a mix of vinegar and soy sauce; though next time I think I’d add more vinegar for my personal taste at least.

I also made up some edamame – this one is Safeway’s Organics brand (I think!) and the little red flakes (that kind of look like bacon bits…) are Alaea Hawaiian red sea salt – super yummy, but not as strong as the regular sea salt that I usually use.

Sum-m Gyoza

Sum-m Gyoza

The brand is “Sum-m”, and there are 12 to a package, plus dipping sauce.


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