Sushi: Sating the craving

23 May
Marina plate

Marina plate

I don’t typically shop at Co-op, but tonight I was over at the Co-op on Richmond Road and thought that I would pick up sushi for dinner.  (Along with some of the fantastic gelato that they stock in the deli area.)  I tried their Marina pre-packaged sushi dinner along with a Dragon Roll.

I really should have been paying more attention to the contents (rather than just looking at which colours appealed to me……) because the Marina plate has shrimp in the rolls (along with tuna and salmon nigiri sushi), and I’m not a huge fan of shrimp, and the Dragon Roll was an eel Dragon Roll, and eel is not one of my favorites either.  I just saw that salmon and avacado, and was suckered in!

Distracted shopping aside though, I was really quite pleased with my dinner.  The woman behind the counter was friendly while I was picking things out, (and I also picked up a new frozen gyoza to try another night too!) which is always good to start things off.  The rice in the Marina plate was good – not too sticky, but didn’t fall apart when dipped in soy sauce either.  The small rolls with shrimp in them were… ok.  I don’t really care for shrimp, and the shrimp were pretty prominent in the roll.  The tuna was very flavorful, but in that plate – the salmon was the best – very good tasting, without any ‘fishy’ flavor or scent.

Tasty dragon roll

The Dragon Roll was excellent though!  It was colder than what I would normally have in a restaurant, but other than that, I would honestly say that it was on par with most of the restaurants I go to.  The sauce was tangy and sweet (but not too sweet), the sesame seeds weren’t overpowering, and the eel was good (for someone who wouldn’t purposefully order eel).  The avocado was good but not exceptionally flavorful, and the salmon was, like the nigiri sushi in the other plate, very good.  The roll filling was tasty as well; the rice in the roll was just as good as the Marina plate as well.  The roll was also a decent size – not tiny, but not so big that I had to tear the pieces apart to eat them.

While I was at the counter, I noticed that they had a number of other specialty rolls – normally I don’t bother with them, but I might partake the next time I get to Co-op!

As an aside, I just got a brand-new camera phone… what do you think of the photos?  Let me know in the comments below!


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