Sushi – Sushi-Q

19 May

Roll from Sushi-Q

A while back I shared with you a fast-food sushi place – Sushi-Q in Chinook Center.

Well, my love of sushi usually takes precedence over other foods, so while at Chinook the other day for something else, I still grabbed a quick 6-pack of their Philadelphia rolls to tide me over.

The rolls didn’t have the strong cream cheese flavor that these rolls have elsewhere, and likewise the smoked salmon wasn’t too smoky.  For fast-food sushi, it wasn’t bad at all!  Another bonus – no sesame seeds!  I find the flavor of sesame seeds really overpowering, and really prefer my rolls without them.  My only suggestion for a better fast-food roll would be for the rolls to be a bit firmer.  I found that there was a bit of rice loss to my zealous soy sauce dipping.  😉

Have you been to Sushi-Q for fast food sushi?  If you must fulfill your sushi craving with fast food – what do you usually get at Sushi-Q?

Chinook Center
F009-6455 MacLeod Trail SW
Calgary, AB T2H 0K8
(403) 253-0055

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