Sushi – Fast food

18 May

Photo of sushi by Stu Spivack from the Foodtography Flickr pool

A while back I shared a GOOD place to go for fast food sushi – Sushi-Q in Chinook Center.  Although I’d prefer to keep this blog mostly about GOOD experiences, I thought I’d also share my short-list of places I’ve tried that I won’t go again to fill my ‘6pm and I’m having dinner alone tonight’ or ‘oh, I’m so hungry, oh look they have sushi’ sushi-fix.

1) Safeway’s deli counter.  My first encounter with grocery store sushi was in Vancouver – at a Save-on-Foods, during a crazy snow storm that had me (and Connie!) trapped in a hotel room.  (As an aside, we were walking through this snow, as hardy Calgarians… they were shutting down the highway and calling in the military to rescue stranded drivers…) The sushi might not have been the best, but I remember only good things about it, considering the circumstances.  So, I was happy to see when Safeway brought in sushi in their deli counter.  Unfortunately, I’ve tried it a few times (sucker for punishment apparently) from a few different Safeway locations, and have NEVER had a good experience.  The rice has always been terrible, the fish has always been less-than-fresh, and even when I really WANT to enjoy it, I never have.  This one is going on my “don’t even bother” list.  😦  Try their deli sandwiches instead – much better!

2) Herb n’ Market sushi counter.  At Mount Royal University, there’s a small cafeteria in the university itself (which is different than the student-owned Wyckham House which has a huge food court).  Within the cafeteria there’s a small counter that advertises freshly-made sushi.  Once in a blue moon I’ll see a person actually manning the counter, generally there is just a small assortment of plastic trays filled with sushi in their cooler, along with a few yoghurt cups and other to-go items.  Again, I’ve tried to enjoy the sushi here a few times, and have always been disappointed.  The rice has routinely been undercooked and hard, the fish smells and tastes “fishy” and just generally it’s an unappetizing experience.  (I usually go to their Opa! outlet instead; love their tzadziki and pita!) This one is another for the “don’t even bother” list.

It’s a pretty short list so far, which is good, right!?

Better options

In the meantime, another GOOD fast-food sushi option?  Co-op downtown.  I’ve been to the Richmond Road and Macleod Trail Co-ops as well, but the downtown Co-op is WAY better.  You can get boxed sushi made fresh (there is almost always someone behind the counter) and you can eat upstairs if you don’t want to take it home.  There’s also a full deli section, and I imagine this is a pretty popular space for lunch.  (I’ve only ever picked up from there after work myself though).  The to-go boxes are fresh, the rice is good, and there is a fairly good selection to choose from.  They also offer edamame beans to go too!

Where do you go for your fast-food sushi fix in Calgary?  What places are worth checking out, and which places aren’t worth the effort?  Please comment below!

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