Tea: Oolong Tea House

16 May

Tea. Photo by Modomatic

In a recent post about David’s Tea shop, I was wondering about a tea shop I haven’t been to yet.  Similarly, I have only been to the Oolong Tea House once, and then I was quickly in and out.  I was browsing there while meeting up with someone in Kensington.  I had hoped to head back when we met up, but then we got distracted with something else and I missed my chance.

Oolong’s shop in Kensington is small, and filled with shelves of loose leaf tea.  There is also a location in McKenzie Towne according to their website.  Along with the shelves of tea, they also offer a cafe service, where they can make you a cup of tea to drink in-store (there are a few tables and chairs if I remember correctly) or to-go.  It looks like their McKenzie Towne location is a bit larger, according to blogger Elsie Hui.  If you’re looking for a review of the shop, check out her blog post Oolong Tea House McKenzie Towne. Eat In Calgaryalso has Oolong Tea House on a blog list of several tea and coffee shops in Calgary.

If you’ve been to Oolong Tea House, let us know in the comments section below, along with what your favorite tea from there is!  Hopefully we’ll be down one of these days to check it out!

Oolong Tea House
110 10 Street NW,
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 283-0333


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