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13 May

Boxed meal from Sushi-Q

If you love sushi, you’ve probably been tempted to take the ill-advised jump into ‘fast food sushi’ in the past to feed your craving while in a hurry, while out alone, or while faced with a food court.  I’ve tried a few different kinds of sushi-to-go and fast-food sushi, and while there are some that make me regret the decision, there are others that are a welcome alternative to the food court hamburger and french fry option.

Sushi-Q serves up what I imagine are ‘western favorites’ – California rolls, spicy rolls, Alaska rolls, Philadelphia rolls, and then salmon, smoked salmon, tuna, and prawn nigiri sushi.  There are also a few other things like miso soup, seaweed salad, bubble tea, etc.  The sushi is offered in a cool case in clear plastic containers, and with most of the sushi meals you get a free miso soup included.  I’ve seen the chef behind the counter endlessly making new rolls and adding them into the case, so I’ve never had a problem with freshness.

For fast-food sushi, the rice is actually quite good, and while lacking the atmosphere of a lovely sushi restaurant, the sushi is actually pretty good.  I’ve had a few experiences where the prawn is too chewy (It is cooked) but for the most part I’ve had good experiences with Sushi-Q.  Part of my positive experiences are probably due to low expectations.  I don’t expect a gourmet meal, so the risk of disappointment is low.  It’s a good alternative while in the mall, especially while shopping with someone who doesn’t care for sushi.  She gets a hot dog and fries, and I get my sushi fix.

Last week I was at Chinook (trying to avoid the hoards of people who were there especially for the new Tiffany’s and Victoria’s Secret stores!) and I picked up one of the meals (with 6 California rolls, and two each of salmon, tuna, and prawn nigiri sushi).  The rice wasn’t quite as firm as I would like (I tend to be a bit soy sauce heavy, and needed to be careful to avoid crumbling) but the flavors were good all-around!  My meal came with a free miso soup, which I didn’t finish – it was a bit too salty for my taste, and not enough of the miso flavor.  The big chunks of seaweed in the soup were great though, though a bit chewy.

I’d love to share a link to another blog about Sushi-Q, but I couldn’t find any! If you have a blog post about Sushi-Q, please share your URL with us in the comments below!

Chinook Center
F009-6455 MacLeod Trail SW
Calgary, AB T2H 0K8
(403) 253-0055

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