Food Photography

09 May

Photo of sushi by Stu Spivack from the Foodtography Flickr pool

Today a friend shared with me a cool article from Mashable – “What’s behind the food photography trend?”.  Since it was complete with cool infographics, I was lured in to read the article, and ponder how it affects Happy Sushi Belly.

The article claims that research was conducted that found that a huge number of people are taking photographs with their phones and uploading them to the internet.  A lot of these photos are of food; enough to support a 2,600+ member food photography group on Flickr, blogs, social websites (the article references Foodspotting, but I’ve seen lots of others too), and other mediums.

The majority of people who are sharing food photos with the world are doing so for food diaries – not unlike Happy Sushi Belly. Documenting things that individuals have made (the “ooh, look what I did!” factor) and documenting special occasions is another significant reason from the researcher’s findings.  The fourth most common reason is artistic – considering the food to be ‘art’ and taking photos to document the artistry.  Related to that, I’d suggest that there is  another reason for food photography – to get more experience with photography!  Food is a model that never complains about the number of shots I’ve taken, can always stand still, and rarely needs make-up! I’m not going to suggest that all of my food photos are fantastic, many of them are little more than quick snapshots, but the more I shoot, the more experience I get with my camera, and the better I can eventually make my photos!

If you want some excellent tips on how to photograph food for blogs (versus professional photography), check out this cool article from Serious Eats. I should probably go back and read this a few more times myself!  If on the day after Mother’s Day you’re feeling like some cute-overload food photography instead, check out this blog category ‘edible crafts’ from the Craft Gossip blog instead.

Next to discover though for this research (since they’re looking at this information from a marketing and branding standpoint) – who is LOOKING at food photography?

Do you proactively look at food photography?  Is it for inspiration to make your own meals, or to tease your taste buds where you might want to eat for dinner?  If you love looking at food photography, please comment with the reason below!

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