Tea: Glacier Springs Marzipan Rooibos

07 May

T|Nik's tea

While at Bite Groceteria, I picked up a small tin of  ‘Glacier Springs Marzipan Rooibos’ from a company called T|Nik. (Which apparently isn’t listed on their website right now.)

I thought that I would share my impressions.

Firstly, what drew me to this tea was the smell – the sample tin in the store had nice large chunks of marzipan and it smelled absolutely gorgeous.  I also really like rooibos, since I can drink it at night without worrying about being up all evening, and frankly, the tin was adorable.

They also had a TINY sampler tray with 17 miniscule tins; each with a different tea.  While I thought it was an adorable idea, it looked like each tin would make MAYBE 1 cup of tea each, which just isn’t enough to really enjoy a tea in my opinion 🙂

Cost: It was on the high side – an (approximately) 2 oz (60mL) tin was $7.00 plus tax but I have certainly bought other ‘expensive’ teas… my tea basket at home is a testament to that.  With such pleasures a bit of a higher cost is worth it!  (But, if you’re used to only drinking grocery-store tea, this might seem ‘steep’ (ahaha, punny!).

Scent & flavour: I was disappointed to find that the small tin I purchased didn’t have the chunks of marzipan in it, and it didn’t smell nearly as heavenly as the sample in the store.  The smokiness of the rooibos sort of overwhelmed the sweet nuttiness of the marzipan.  The steeped tea did have a delicious marzipan/almond scent and flavour though, although not as intense as I had hoped for.  The flavour was enhanced with sweetener (white sugar in this case) added though, which brought back out the flavor I’d been looking for.

Final thoughts: I was disappointed that the tin I purchased didn’t match up with the sample as closely as I had imagined it would.  Although this was a nice tea, I likely wouldn’t buy another to replace it when I am done, but that being said, I’d be very interested to try another tea matching up the sweet nuttiness of marzipan with roobois tea!  I might go back and try T|Nik’s Earl Grey though – even though I have several Earl Grey teas at home, I’m a sucker for bergamot!

In reading Julie’s blog ‘It must have been something I ate’ I found out that T|Nik is actually a Calgary company, which imports teas from all over the world, and the awesome tins come from Lee Valley!  (The T|Nik website seems to be still under construction and the Calgary connection didn’t seem to be up there yet.) If you’re interested in learning more, go check out the blog!

Have you tried any of T|Nik’s teas? Recommend your favourite in the comments please!

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