Sushi Hanami

05 May

Sushi Hanami is located in a former Robin’s Donuts (doughnuts) shop, and there have been a few other things in this location since.  However, Sushi Hanami has been here for a number of years now, though I only started visiting fairly recently.

First off, I wouldn’t recommend going in the evening for dinner. The hostess has routinely been distracted/rude to me, while paying a lot of attention to other people in the restaurant.  However, she only seems to work in the evening, and other times I’ve gone there (late afternoon and lunchtime) she doesn’t seem to work there.  The other staff have always been fantastic; attentive without overbearing, prompt and helpful.

There is a fair amount of take-out traffic that comes through Sushi Hanami; I’ve done take-out as well, and although I don’t like it as much (something is lacking in the whole sushi experience when I’m eating out of styrofoam!) it’s a decent alternative if you live nearby. (Or, if like me, you want to have dinner with someone who doesn’t like sushi…)

2 gyoza from Sushi Hanami

I’ve been there for lunch with a friend as well, and the bento boxes are pretty substantial and a decent price.  However, when I go for sushi, I want sushi!  Sushi Hanami’s is good, but I wouldn’t consider it to be exceptional.  The tempura is a bit oily, so only order a few pieces at a time – so they don’t cool off before you eat them.  I think this is good advice for most tempura though!  The gyoza is good, but I’m still looking for the Best Gyoza in Calgary.. and unfortunately this isn’t it.  😦   They are also somewhat different shaped than other places – which leads me to suspect that others might be ordering them from a supplier ready-to-cook, while perhaps Sushi Hanami are making their own?  Even if the flavor isn’t the best I’ve ever tasted, this would certainly kick them up a few notches in the ranking in my books!

The saving grace, and what will keep me going back – they do a really good job of my favorite – special scallop rolls!  Now, if they could also start offering Ikura – salmon roe – my second favorite style of battleship sushi right now, then I would probably start going there even more often!

Want to read someone else’s thoughts on Sushi Hanami? Check out the Cowtown Epicurean blog from December 2010!

Have you been to Sushi Hanami?  What did you think of the service? Please share your thoughts below!

Sushi Hanami
4604 37 St SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 242-3131
Sushi Hanami on Urbanspoon


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