Tea: Lady Hannah’s Whole Fruit

03 May

so sad, it's empty!

During my last trip to my favorite (so far) tea shop in Banff, I picked up a new tea that I hadn’t tried before, and instantly became a fan.

From the Banff Tea Company shop, this is a very heavy tea (hence fewer cups per the 100 gram package that I picked up versus other teas) with dried apple, hibiscus, rose hips, pineapple, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries among other fruits. My mother could pick out the apple fragrance and taste most strongly, while I could taste the berries more than anything else, in particular the blackberry and raspberry scents and flavors.

This was an excellent tea in my collapsable silicone strainer, since the large pieces of fruit didn’t manage their way through the tiny holes! It was naturally very sweet and didn’t need any sugar, honey, or sweetener. It didn’t suffer from over-steeping either, which is fantastic for work, since often I’ll get absorbed in a project half-way through steeping. I think this would be a lovely iced tea as well, though I drank it up too quickly to get the chance! The tea was a dark pink/red colour as well, which was lovely, and was good for more than one infusion.

Final thought – I’ll definitely want to pick up more of this on my next trip to Banff!

Interested in reading another blog post about this tea?  Check out this blog post from Christine!

Have you tried Lady Hannah’s Whole Fruit tea? What did you think?  Comment below!

Lady Hannah’s Whole Fruit is $0.15/gram from the Banff Tea Co. and you can find it with their “Herb and Fruit Tea” selections.


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